FITUP Services Oü leases professional workforce to shipbuilding projects. Our partners operate in many European countries and provide experts to over ten different branches in shipbuilding industry. Our workforce consists of large range maritime professionals.

Professionals for the needs of shipbuilding industry

FITUP Services Oü leases skilled shipbuilding professionals for the maritime industries of Finland and European Union. We are constantly looking for partner companies that want to participate in international shipbuilding projects.

FITUP Services Oü  partners has different projects in  Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Iceland and Japan. Our head office is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

International shipbuilding competence

We work closely with our customers and tact as go-between between the customer company and the professionals. We also fulfil the employer obligations of the workforce such as registration and insurances, occupational health services, lodgings and translations in international projects, if needed.

We lease wide range of shipbuilding professionals and are able to provide workers for all shipbuilding tasks throughout the life span of the ship.We are also looking for new shipbuilding professionals.

We aim for long term and mutually beneficial co-operation.