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FITUP Services Oü provides jobs for shipbuilding professionals. We constantly have wide range of experts in different shipbuilding projects. Tell us Your competencies and we'll find You the job to match them.

Maritime assembly, installation, painting and other jobs through FITUP Services

We're specialised in leasing project workers for maritime projects. At the moment we employ for example marine design engineers, welders, wall and ceiling installers, tile installers and professionals specialised in interior joists and sheet metal installation in our customers' projects.

Find a job in shipbuilding

FITUP Services leases only professionals that have passed our internal selection process. This is why our customers trust the competency of our employees. If You're a shipbuilding professional or have the qualifications to become one, contact us. We'll find You a suitable project.

We provide project work for the employees on our lists. We act as a go-between the employees and employers and take charge of the needs of the workers, such as lodgings or translations in international projects, so You can concentrate on Your job.

We are constantly looking for fitters, assembly and installation workers and finishers as well as  other shipbuilding professionals. We offer You interesting projects and responsibilities in different branches of maritime industry.

  • Diverse assignements
  • A fast lane to international shipbuilding projects