Find the professionals

FITUP Services Oü provides professionals for Your project. You'll have an instant access to a wide pool of workforce at your service.

FITUP Services provides expert leased workforce for all kinds of shipbuilding projects

We provide a large workforce of well trained shipbuilding professionals who have all passed our internal selection process. As we have  hundreds of specialists on our lists, we're able to assign You just the workforce Your project needs, fast and efficiently.

We have the professionals You need

Shipbuilding projects often require a flexible workforce, which we're able to provide. Following through of projects in schedule is easy with us and we can meet  requirements of the project.

We'll take care of the permits and insurances of the employees as well as occupational health services, lodgings and serve as go-between between employees and You.

Our workforce comprises of wide range shipbuilding professionals from various branches, which enables us to provide workers for every stage of the shipbuilding project or the life cycle of the vessel.  Our goal is a longterm and mutually beneficial co-operation.

  • A wide pool of different shipbuilding professionals
  • Flexible workforce to match the needs of the project
  • The benefits of an international employment services network